President Viktor Yushchenko believes Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych’s government “demonstrated disrespect for social policies" in its draft budget resolution on Tuesday, President's press office reported.

“I think the government and those who had been drafting the budget resolution demonstrated their disrespect for social priorities,” he told reporters in Ukraine’s Zakarpattya region.

Yushchenko said he would demand that the cabinet consider his rejected social proposals and include them in next year’s budget. He added that it had an additional UAH 200 million for theirimplementation.

The President then said the government’s macroeconomic projections were inaccurate and reprimandedthe ministersfortheir “awkward approach to budget and economic processes.” He said their 2.3% budget deficit estimates were “too high for the country whose GDP grows by more than 8%.”

Yushchenko said the government was also becoming “too obsessed with taking loans” and added that it had borrowed UAH 10 bln last year and planned to borrow UAH 8.5 billion in 2008. He called those loans a “financial burden on the shoulders of our grandchildren and children.”


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