Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk, considers that decision concerning Ukraine’s accedence to NATO must be taken by politicians but not at referendum.

“Decision on NATO must be taken by politicians who are elected by people,” he said at a press conference in Simferopil.

He noted that nobody pushes to NATO. If somebody thinks that 27 members of NATO are dreaming about Ukraine as a member, he is deeply mistaken,” he said.

“Our position is the following: we submit objective information concerning the alliance in order to form public opinion,” Yatsenyuk noted.

He stressed that question on NATO is arisen in the country only when there are political problems: “it is a problem of all Ukrainian politicians.”

According to him, political forces, who do not know how to reform the country, use some key populist and cheap things. It is a topic on NATO and the Russian language status.

At that Yatsenyuk emphasized that 90% of Ukrainian politicians cant answer what NATO means. “And we want to ask 47 million of Ukrainians about it…,” he said.


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