Political scientist, director of Ukrainian international institute for humanitarian-polytechnic researches Volodymyr Malinkovych suggests that after early parliamentary elections on September 30, there may be “Maydan-2” in Kyiv. He said that yesterday in an exclusive interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

“Everything will depend on what color coalition will be,” he noted.

According to him, in case after elections the President supports coalition between Our Ukraine and Party of Regions, “Maydan” will be organized by BYuT. ”In case “oranges” win elections, there will be no “Maydan” in Kyiv. PR is likely will hold “Maydans” in regions,” he noted, adding that “PR is not revolutionists. They will not hold “Maydans” but to try to agree with Our Ukraine. In case OU is capricious, PR will threaten by referenda.”


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