Not so a long ago Rinat Akhmetov threatened to hire the clever American experts and write for Ukraine the plan of development on the nearest 20-30 years in a prospect, Yulia Tymoshenko press service reported.

According to plan (read by myself in the internet), it must have been, at least, "Marshall plan for Ukraine". However nobody knows either Marshalls are finished there, behind the ocean or something worse has happened. But as a result instead of Marshall plan we received the “proFFesor’s plan” as usual.

I analyze stage-by-stage implementation of "Marshall plan" from Akhmetov and become convinced that it was written, probably, by domestic specialists (“marshalls” or generals from SCM-group), because it will never occur to any average manafort to put a first issue of such plan a task to "steal "Dniproenergo" at a state”.

The history of fraud with "Dniproenergo", 40% of actions of which Akhmetov controls now, is a classic scheme that run in by the authority not once already. At first an enterprise is led up to bankruptcy, then a "good" creditor appears (in this case these are the enterprises of Rinat Akhmetov) which receives a tasty strategic object then. And now it would be Akhmetov who will decide what will be the price on kilowatts of electric power for a population. The quicker electric counters are turning the more promptly life of “regional” that control the largest generating company in the east of country is getting better.

The real cost of "Dniproenergo" according to the prognoses of experts is 10 milliards of UAH. It looks like Rinat Akhmetov, acknowledged the richest man in Ukraine, decided to improve the result in the world ratings already.

In general, privatization of "Dniproenergo" brightly enough characterizes the actions of command under the name "Yanukovych and partners". Presumably, Forbes was right when wrote, that in times of Yanukovych management the business-circles close to the government, multiplied the turn on $ 17 milliards. At least, now it is clear, for whom exactly the "improvement of life took place already today".

By the way, experts warn that history with "Dniproenergo" can be repeated, but the name of generating company will be another - "Tsentroenergo". This enterprise has also big creditor debt. All electric energy of country can appear in the hands of Akhmetov after elections. And he will not be engaged in charity when selling the electric power to the population.

These people are hard pragmatists. They understand that they are for the last days and weeks at the authority. They acknowledged that the cabinet of Yanukovych is doomed, as a communal house of Vasisualiya Lokhankina. That is why they try to steal everything, that lies badly. Their real program is to steal more, and to run far away.

Akhmetov receives "Dniproenergo", 1% of "Ukrtelekom" will be enough for comfortable pension of Valya Semenyuk. She tries to sell it during a year already with zeal, deserving the Turkmenian sellers of melons on Besarabka market. The "Mizhgir’ya" state residence attracted Victor Fedorovych. In this moment he tries to pass it to the balance of NJSV "Nadra Ukraina" with the purpose of further privatization, and together with the rests of the monastery.

Rinat, if you are so excited with domestic energy and all that with is linked with it, why not to privatize Chornobyl NPP for example? By the way, it is possible to build a summer residence for a Prime Minister. A residence of Victor Yanukovych “Ukryttya” ("Shelter"). Or “Sarkofag” ("Sarcophagus"). It sounds not bad? Besides, the land is wonderful there, there are no neighbours, crucians are in the size of a whale shark and strawberry in the size of a water-melon. How do you like this offer?

You remember, as I was pecked for so-called re-privatization. Even today they say: "Do not speak about this for goodness, do not recollect even, do not hint". They say this will be the end ofmy international image. But I think: let it be this image. All that is stolen in the states must be returned immediately!

I do not admit another policy. Who dislikes it, let him complain in UNO.

Yulia Tymoshenko


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