Party of Regions supports creation of bicameral parliament in Ukraine. One of the PR leader Borys Kolesnykov said.

Kolesnykov reminded that initiated by the Party of Regions referendum offers Ukrainians to express their opinion concerning election of heads of district and regional administrations by citizens. “In case there are elected governors, they form upper chamber of the parliament,” he explained.

“That’s why our construction will be very clear: 210 people’s deputies from lower chamber of the parliament and 54-81 members of upper chamber. We propose elected governor, he becomes a member of upper parliament automatically and two senators are elected by the regional council,” he said.

Earlier the President proposed to implement bicameral parliament.

As a reminder Party of Regions initiated national referendum. The Ukrainians are offered to answer three politically important questions:

1. Do you agree that Ukraine to have Ukrainian and Russian as official languages?

2. Do you agree that regional and district state authorities to be elected by citizens of Ukraine?

3. Do you agree Ukraine to be a country that does not participates in military alliances?


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