The CPU leader Petro Symonenko says that representatives of “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc hold negotiations with the Party of Regions on formation of wide coalition. He said that yesterday in Zhytomyr region, commenting OU-PSD representatives’ statement on impossibility of wide coalition with “regions”.

In particular, Symonenko said that representatives of “orange” team declared about impossibility to form coalition with Party of Regions because they concluded joint agreement that does not foresee any coalition with PR. But at the same time they hold negotiations on such formation.

“Yushchenko did not hide that such negotiations were held with Rinat Akhmetov and in such a way he put ground for further cooperation between Party of Regions and “Our-Ukraine”,” Symonenko emphasized.

Symonenko also noted that Ukraine has already lost much because of such inconsistency of Party of Regions during solving question on Unity pact “Universal”, inclusion of “oranges” in Cabinet composition and other issues. “There were and are held such negotiations,” he said

As a reminder, according to Katerynchuk, talks on wide coalition are used as anti-PR. He assured that there were no negotiations on wide coalition with the Party of regions and will never be held.

In turn, Symonenko proposed to start negotiations and conclude Protocol on formation of red-blue coalition. He noted that CPU and PR will have minimum 240 votes in the new parliament, according to some social surveys.


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