The State must satisfy the needs and demands of Ukrainian farmers to “renew their trust,” President Viktor Yushchenko wrote in an article published in the Silski Visti (Rural News) on Friday, President’s press office reports.

“It hurts me that fewer children are born in our villages every year. The young see no prospects and are ready to pay any price to settle in cities,” he said and added that Ukrainian villages had few schools and medical facilities and faced food and infrastructure problems.

Yushchenko said Ukraine’s land was used “criminally,” as “farmers are forced to work for nothing for some local or newly arrived landlord.” He said there was no investment in Ukraine’s rural areas because its land market was non-transparent.

“It is time all Ukrainian politicians of all colors and preferences should turn their faces to the village,” he said. “I hope that the Verkhovna Rada will first pass social laws which I have proposed as President.”


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