“Maydan-worker” job that gives additional income is very popular among students and unemployed people. During current election campaign main political parties offer UAH 10 per hour. One can earn more participating in night “attack”. Real political stir is expected during two weeks before elections. But even now there are no vacancies in political parties headquarters. There is no difference for whom to agitate. Today you can brandish flags for PR and tomorrow will go to sit in agitation tent for BYuT – the fee is the same: UAH 10 per hour. Many students work for different political forces. They explain that it does not matter for whom to agitate – their purpose is only to earn money.

There are still some vacancies in BYuT headquarters: to hand out leaflets, invitations or to collect signatures for referendum. One can earn UAH 80 per day for such work.

OU-PSD also promises UAH 100 per 10 hours. But people admitted that not always they were paid as were promised. Many supporters from OU-PSD say they do such work free of charge just for idea as it was in 2004-2005.

Some minor political parties will hold agitation program near the very elections.

Meetings are also nice way to get some money. Usually 4-hour meeting or flash-mob bring UAH 50. Tent camps cost more. One can earn UAH 150 for one day living in it and UAH 250 – for staying their day and night.

In case your balcony faces the main street you can hang a flag on it and earn UAH 50-100 for the whole election campaign.

“Black” night actions cost more. Such actions are made to discredit opponent party. Usually such work means to paint and write something in house entrances or in billboards or to damage somebody’s property. Such black actions are estimated in UAH 70-300 per night.

This election campaign is characterized by almost equal tariff for election agitation. But in comparison with previous election campaigns there are fewer vacancies for “Maydan-workers”.

In Crimea election season-2007 began with “mass” meeting for PR leader Viktor Yanukovych. He was met by hundreds of “supporters” for UAH 100 each.


Photo and data are taken from newspaper “Segodnya”.
Katerina Burlak

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