Election campaign is past its half and going to its culmination. Political parties and blocs intend to gain more supporters in order to get more seats in a new parliament. Election campaign looks like races where politicians try to persuade more people in their good motives for the country's sake. 10 out of 21 registered political blocs and parties participate actively in election agitations and only three (PR, BYuT, OU-PSD) for sure and perhaps CPU, Lytvyn bloc, SPU, according to some surveys, have chances to overcome 3% barrier to get to the parliament.

The highlight of the campaign is numerous TV advertising. TV and radio channels are flooded with political advertising that changes so rapid not to bore people of its monotony and is counted for each social circle. Those people who are not interested much in politics just believe in what they see or hear. Agitation advertising of all political parties is very convincing and persuasive. It is just full of comparison of achievements with other political parties and accusations of improper government of this or that political force, their intentions, plans or words. One more peculiarity of advertising is different economic numbers, percentages and some data.

Agitation tours of political leaders throughout Ukraine are of no less importance. The average people do not concern about figures politicians give in their reports or advertising. People do not bother who is right or wrong, whether VRU is legal or not… People are interested in improvement of social life and living standard. When politicians come to this or that city, village or region and do something useful for people and realize real help (money, food, services, communications, vehicle, other equipments and so on), people will vote for such politicians and political parties for sure and they will not concern whether politicians are corrupted or have criminal past or belong to blue, orange, red or pink colour… In such a way politicians get and buy votes. Every political force has a plan and scheme on how many % of votes it can get in this or that region.. Such plans foresee definite and concrete actions aimed at gaining votes. It may be significant material help, some services provision (opening new school, library, museum, etc), communication (gas, water) or just promising declarations, statements and “brainwashing” during election tours. Public polls are divided in opinions concerning percentage chances of main political forces. Such polls cant be taken for truth as too little people are surveyed and usually these polls are ordered and not independent. Such polls are only the means of influence people’s mind and opinion.

Agitation tents, with profound information about political party or bloc and with election program leaflets, do not enjoy wide popularity but they are everywhere. Those who benefit from such tents are people who are hired to work in this tents – it is a kind of additional income and those old people who collect and take papers and leaflets for recycling paper in order to get a little money.

Politicians intend to pass ahead of others in “loud promises to do impossible”. In fact these elections will not change a lot the parliament composition. There will be just new distribution of parliament seats among almost the same political factions. Why should people give the second chance to those who did not justify hopes and betrayed their electors?

The society needs new politicians of new generations, with bright ideas, leading the country towards economic growth, prosperity and well-being. Ukraine has such people but current political parties and oligarchs who govern these parties do not let new faces appear on political arena. It seems that politicians hold a struggle not for Ukraine's prosperity but against each other.

It is nothing left but to hope the President to lead Ukraine out of political crisis and all those promises of politicians they already gave and will give to be realized for people’s benefit.

Katerina Burlak

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