The People’s deputy of V convocation from PR faction Vasyl Kiselev is sure that representatives of the opposition watched today’s VRU session on TV very attentively. He said that today in an interview, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Despite President’s words, in case the VRU has 226 people’s deputies for decision adoption, the VRU is legal ,” he added.

Kiselev considers that in case the President wanted to cancel People’s deputy immunity and benefits, he should have told the opposition to come to the VRU and vote. “But the President had not done so. He shows that he is politically committed person. And his propositions are nothing more than a mere PR. That’s why we adopted these laws (immunity and benefit cancellation-ed.),” he noted.

AS a reminder, People’s deputies voted for changes introduction into Constitution of Ukraine concerning immunity cancellation of some officials. Parliamentarians also make changes to the Constitution concerning President’s immunity. In particular, President has right for immunity only during fulfillment of his duties. 259 People’s deputies supported idea to forward such changes to CCU. The VRU also cancelled benefits for people’s deputies.


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