President Viktor Yushchenko on Monday visited the Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kyiv.

Speaking to film directors, actors, artists and editors, Yushchenko said he was ready to propose a bill to develop the country’s film industry. “I am convinced the Verkhovna Rada will pass it. We will be able to find partners to support it,” he said, president's press office reported.

The President said cinematographic art played a very important role in “shaping the nation’s ideology and values.” “We must think about the potential which could help renew national traditions step by step,” he said.

Yushchenko said the government must be the main investor in the national film industry and popularize those movie themes which are “necessary in the context of the nation’s rebirth” but added that the industry should also develop as a free market. He suggested establishing a special fund to develop the industry and insisted thatthe government must also provide funds to subtitle, dub and distribute Ukrainian films.

The President said his legal advisors were now crafting a decree to develop the industry and support film artists, urging the National Council of Culture and those working in the industry to propose their ideas.

“I will do my best to ensure that the state’s mission in renewing Ukraine’s film industry should be radically different and noticeable,” he said, promising to make sure next year’s budget has more moneyfor this," he noted.

“You have unique intellectual abilities. I am convinced the implementation of a new law on filmmaking will help us to maximally use your abilities for thebenefit of the nation and the country.”


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