The OU-PSD will not sign any declarative documents on honesty of the election campaign for it doesn’t see any sense in that. The chairman of the Bloc’s headquarters Viktor Baloha said that in an interview, commenting on PR proposition to sign a code of political forces’ behaviour during elections, OU-PSD press service reported.
Baloha considered such initiative a part of the PR image renewal activity. “The party, which was fairly accused of using “black” PR and rough techniques at the campaigns in 2004 and 2006, now actively tries to renew its image. It’s clear that a slogan of honest elections suits the case ideally," he noted.

Baloha stressed that no code can substitute legislation in force. “Law is one and for everyone. Today we have a rather wide legislation basis that allows holding elections in an open, responsible and decent way. The laws should be abided by in a real, not declarative way then there will be no need in any additional statements. In case of law breakage one should appeal not to a code but to a court that should establish the issue," he said. 

The chairman of the Bloc’s headquarters pointed out that the President Viktor Yushchenko publicly cautioned elections’ participants against using unfair techniques. The OU – PSD as a frankly pro-presidential force is totally unite with the president’s position and carries it’s campaign openly and with respect to rivals. Nobody can name any case of the Bloc’s violation of election law or the slightest disrespect to its rivals. We will react to any such case immediately and strictly”.

Baloha stressed that the code proposed by the PoR is not known by people and haven’t even been published at the party’s web site. He reminded that at the same time the OU – PSD repeatedly invited it’s rivals to open TV debates. “Live broadcast will show who is who. For it’s impossible to pour dirt out as mean and shameless anonyms are used to do. But up to now none of the OU – PSD Bloc’s rivals haven’t proved his readiness to debate openly”.

Baloha informed that the Bloc is carefully monitoring how political forces and especially their informational parts are abiding by election laws. “We will inform society about any found cases of law breakages, “black”, “gray” and other dirty PR. The OU – PSD is armed by laws, not codes," Baloha said.


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