Yanukovych considers that changes to the law on State purchases must be made by the VRU but not by the NSDC. Prime Minister said that at briefing in Crimea commenting on initiative of the President to make changes in order of state purchases at session of NSDC scheduled for September 4. Yanukovych noted that the VRU is the only legislative body that may adopt changes to laws.

According to him, solution of this question is possible only through legislative body –Verkhovna Rada. President needs only to agree that the VRU has rights to adopt such decisions. “Neither NSDC, President’s Secretariat, nor Cabinet may substitute for the VRU,” Yanukovych said.

As a reminder, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko proposed to adopt new order on state purchases at session of NSDC on September 4.

President proposed to work out new mechanism together with Government and law-enforcement bodies. He stressed that this document can be adopted and signed by NSDC members, President, PM, Prosecutor’s General, Supreme Court Chairman on September 4. Yushchenko also proposed to introduce a point in this document concerning obligations of the parties to approve this document on legislative level after first session of new parliament.


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