Ukraine needs to improve its image abroad, President Viktor Yushchenko said during a teleconference with students on Saturday.

According to President's press office, Yushchenko said his aides were now formulating a strategy for this. “Today we are cooperating with three international agencies which could join the project to improve Ukraine’s international image,” he said.

“It is Ukraine’s top priority to restore its good name, popularity, international and regional status and so I am working single-mindedly to make sure Ukraine participates in all regional projects,” he said, adding that such projects “benefit the nation.” “This is why I insist that they must be implemented.”
Yushchenko also said that he would soon propose a strategy for Ukraine’s economic development.

“Ukraine’s economic strategy will be proposed in November as a national doctrine, as a national law. I am convinced our new parliament will consider it first,” he said. “I believe it is important for the nation to have such a strategy when the government offers no program for the country’s development.”

Yushchenko said experts insisted that Ukraine must “radically” change its tax system and adopt a new tax code.

“I do not think we have some deficit of economic programs today. I know we have passed fifteen such programs over the years of independence," he said, adding that there was "nopolitical unity to uphold the nation’s key priorities.”
In scope of the teleconference with students Viktor Yushchenko also touched issue on jobds for graduates.
Ukraine's government has been increasing spending on education over the past several years and works to ensure college and university graduates can find their first job.
Yushchenko urged business people to invest in education and said the Education Ministry was now crafting necessary bills to guarantee that all students are employed after their graduation.

The President insisted that the government must standardize education, make sure schools, colleges and universities have books, computers and other modern equipment and popularize the teaching profession.

Yushchenko said it was important for Ukraine to join the Bologna process to “train those people whose knowledge is appreciated both on the national market and abroad."


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