“In case there are less than 300 People’s deputies, the Verkhovna Rada has no authority. It is provided by the Constitutional Court ruling. I am sure that the “anti-crisis” coalition members understand that it is impossible to recall 300 People’s deputies in the VRU today,” the “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” representative in the CEC Roman Zvarych said one air of the 5th channel.

“I don’t understand what our opponents are talking about. The Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation will never have 300 People’s deputies anymore,” he emphasized, adding that it is impossible to replace People’s deputies from OU and BYuT factions’ elections lists

Answering the journalist question on statements of PR and SPU, Zvarych noted that maybe they did not read Constitutional court decision which says that VRU has no right to take any decisions in case of absence of 300 People’s deputies in the VRU.

“That was the reason for the President to sign a corresponding decree and announce early parliamentary elections,” he said. “If political parties of the “anti-crisis” coalition are going to participate in these elections, it means they agree with such decree,” Zvarych noted.

Commenting on Yanukovych’s proposal to hold public hearings on the draft state budget 2008, Roman Zvarych noted: “Surely, nobody forbids to hold such hearings or to give experts’ estimations. It is clear that it is just PR of the Party of Regions. I am sure that this draft budget contains extreme social parameters, the Party of Regions will try to use them for its advertising.”


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