Yesterday in Kharkiv President Viktor Yushchenko said the session that some politicians want to hold on September 4 is illegitimate as well as the Parliament of the 5th convocation, according to President's press office.

"I think the central authority, each Member of Parliament, Prime-minister - they all have to show respect to the laws and Constitution that have been violated, which resulted in the new elections," President declared. He emphasized that it is the stabilization in the country that political forces need to discuss at the moment not the contradictive idea about new session of the parliament on September 4. Viktor Yushchenko said that this is a path of aggravation and he regrets Prime-minister supported this decision.

President accentuated that the budget should be prepared and approved according to the Ukrainian laws. He believes a wish to prepare budget on the Parliament session on September 4 is a mere PR-campaign before the elections.


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