PR started pension reform in 2004. The Yanukovych’s Government adopted two laws that made a base for reformation of pension system in Ukraine: law on obligatory state social insurance and law on private pensions funds. The candidate for the People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Vasyl Khara said that today in scope of the press conference “Social package: keys to prosperity”, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Khara, these laws gave possibility to create three pillars pension system: reformation of old system and implementation of fair pension in accordance with length of service and job conditions; creation of state accumulation funds; creation of private pension funds.

Khara stated that PR was deprived of possibility to realize this program. “Time passed and situation worsened, but we must accomplish pension reform,” he said.

According to Khara, taking in to consideration unsatisfied demographic situation, by 2050 there will be two pensioners to one worker in Ukraine. Now there are 13.260 million pensioners and 10.220 million workers in Ukraine.


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