Advisor of Russian Embassy in Ukraine Vladimir Lysenko made a statement in Kyiv concerning Black Sea Fleet. In particular he said that Russia can reconsider Agreement from 1997 concerning Ukraine’s status of Crimea peninsula. According to Lysenko, it may happen in case authorities of Ukraine keep pressure on Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea.

Lysenko noted that Russia agreed to make inventory of objects of Black Sea Fleet. Kyiv demanded it but Russia will not be patient in case further pressure on the Black Sea Fleet.

“If Ukraine raises question on increase of lease rent within inventory, does it give grounds for reconsideration of Agreement from 1997?” he said.

“I think that in case Black Sea Fleet leaves Crimea, American ships will be placed here, that will not pay rent at all,” Lysenko said.

In turn, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk said on Sunday that Ukraine will not reconsider conditions of lease of Ukrainian bases by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Yatsenyuk noted that Ukraine does not demand preterm withdrawal of Black Sea Fleet of RF.

“We must fulfill everything we signed concerning rent, despite somebody likes it or not,” Yatsenyuk said.


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