Viktor Yushchenko urges that reviewing the social policy is one of his priorities. “In 2008 we shall launch new social initiatives aimed at supporting our citizens: starting with the baby and up till the old people,” the President said in Chervonograd (Lviv region) during the Miner’s Day celebration, president's press office reported.

Viktor Yushchenko is convinced that the economic development of the country allows for higher social standards. The President believes the changes should first of all be aimed at families with many children, military men, and pensioners. Special attention should be paid to the teachers and doctors, especially in rural area: according to Yushchenko they should get 20 per cent payment rise starting from the next year already.

The President called for his social initiatives to become the work plan for all the Ukrainian politicians despite their party affiliation.

Viktor Yushchenko also congratulated everyone on the Miner's Day emphasizing the importance of the coal-mining industry for the country. He also sent his best wishes to people of Galicia on the Independence Day.

Chervonograd mayor Igor Chudiyovych said the town supports the President. Director-General of the coal-mining company "Lvivvugillia" Volodymyr Garbuziuk also greeted Victor Yushchenko.

About 20 thousand people came to meet the President in Chervonograd.


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