24 political forces submitted documents for participation in early parliamentary elections on September 30 to CEC, ForUm's correspondent informs.

Central Election Commission has already registered 19 political parties and blocs. Four parties whose documents are not registered yet are: Christian bloc, Party of Rehabilitation of Ukrainian people, bloc of Ukrainian labour party and Civil party “PORA”.

August 25 was the last day when political forces could submit documents to CEC for participation in elections. Total number of candidates of all 24 political forces is 5705 persons.

Term for candidates registration expires on September 2.

In 2006 during previous parliamentary elections 45 political parties and blocs participated in elections, five of them formed the parliament: Party of Regions - 186 mandates, BYuT – 129 mandates, Our Ukraine – 81 mandates, Socialist Party – 33 mandates and Communist Party of Ukraine – 21 mandates.


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