President Viktor Yushchenko on Thursday met with Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister and one of Ukraine’s opposition leaders, President’s press office reports.

Yushchenko said many people told him during his trips around Ukraine they supported his decision to dismiss parliament and hold new elections, adding that his bloc, Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense, and Tymoshenko’s bloc were doing much to “ensure that the democratic forces win on September 30.” He insisted that the country’s democratic leaders should sign a cooperation agreement to formalize their obligations.

Speaking about a constitutional referendum, Yushchenko reiterated his opinion that it was immensely important to amend the Ukrainian Constitution. He, however, said it was quite risky to hold such a plebiscite on September 30. “Its results can be challenged in courts,” he said, adding that Ukrainians should “know exactly what they are voting for.”

The President said Volodymyr Shapoval, Chairman of the Central Election Committee, also had supported the referendum idea but wanted to make sure it is legal and its results legitimate.

Yushchenko has saidthe referendummay be held this year.


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