Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych claims he doesn’t intend to discharge the Ministers of his Government.

“These are the questions of principle. First of all, the correctness must be – these are not the games at the Governmental level. They are  real people,” he told journalists in Poltava, commenting on the President’s demand to discharge the Minister of Emergency situations and the Minister of Transport.

Yanukovych emphasized, if “someday accuses Minister, I must find out whether he is guilty or not”.

In particular, he spoke about the demand to discharge Minister of Emergency situations Nestor Shufrych, he noted that it was necessary to find out all the circumstances of the fire extinguishing in Kherson region.

According to Yanukovych, during the day of fire extinguishing in Kherson region, he had received about 10 reports from Shufrych, who was at the place of events.


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