President Viktor Yushchenko told reporters in Novograd-Volynsky on Wednesday he was “absolutely unsatisfied” with how Minister of Transport Mykola Rudkovsky and Minister of Emeregency situations Nestor Shufrych perform their duties, calling them “unprofessional people,” the press service of the President reports.

Speaking about recent natural disasters and accidents, Yushchenko said: “The Government has obviously failed to find a response to such quite ordinary challenges, which can occur, unfortunately, rather often.”

Yushchenko criticized Shufrych for leaving Kherson yesterday, while a devastating forest fire was still spreading. “This is how he treats his job. This is a loss of professional spirit and so it seems we will soon have planned fires,” he said, adding that the Kherson region’s firefighters were badly equipped. “With such equipment, we will be waiting for peace and prosperity for years. This is a neglected system, a neglected Ministry and I am blaming its leaders, who do not want to mobilize their efforts.”

Yushchenko, however, praised the region’s firefighters for their job and said he had discussed the problem with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. “I am not satisfied with what these ministers do. We must stop hiring PR people and actors in such ministries. People must be professional.”


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