Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko claims that chief of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Baloha is responsible for delay in international passport issuing. He said at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk.

“I would recommend Baloha to be more attentive with the decrees, which he submits for the President’s signature. Problems with passports have emerged on May 11 after adoption of the President’s decree on cancellation of paper passports for electronic ones,” the Minister said

According to him, ‘there was no need to hurry’ as there is enough time till 2010.

Tsushko supposes that the confrontation is being provoked in order to discredit the Interior Ministry. He also stressed that it was due to the decree that the Interior Ministry concluded an unfavorable agreement on passport printing.

“Our ordinary old red international passports are recognized abroad, I have ascertained it myself,” emphasized the Minister.

As earlier reported, on May 12, the President adopted a decree to launch a procedure of new international passport printing and issuing.

It was also stipulated that the old international passports are valid during the term specified.

At the same time, on June 13 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed about the delays in passport issuing.


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