Yushchenko calls on Ukraine’s political forces, media and society to ensure that the parliamentary elections on September 30 is held in a “maximally honest and fair and exceptionally lawful” manner, President’s press office reports.

“I would like to use my press conference to address, first of all, the leaders of political forces. Let’s be virtuous and honest on this political path anddetermine winners in Ukraine ata lawful political competition. Today’s politicians must use no other tricks, no other speculation as their tools. Let’s learn political culture. I am calling on the political leaders and those institutions, which work to ensure that the electionsare held lawfully, to do this. No doubt, the poll will be fair and lawful, as there is the law. I am convinced that law enforcement bodies are changing their attitude towards the law, treating it as something sacred. There are journalists with their free and democratic word. There is the President. Finally, there is Ukraine's healthysociety, which will allow no falsifications of the election,” Yushenko said

Yushchenko reiterates his demand that Ukraine’s reelected parliament repeal legislative immunity.


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