Sevastopil is ready to accept and place on its territory the soviet monuments, which are being dismounted in West Ukraine by the local authority decision. People’s deputy of Sevastopil city council from the Progressive Socialists Party of Ukraine Evgeniy Dubovyk has stated.

He also has affirmed that the PSPU is ready to accept and to place on the territory of the city the monuments of “yastrebki” (military men of punitive “distractive” battalions of NKVD), who struggled against OUN-UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army). The monuments were dismounted on the territory of Bukovyna. The People’s deputies of PSPU consider “yastrebki” to be heroes, who stood for Soviet power, which gave citizens of West Ukraine free dwelling, education and health protection”.

Evgeniy Dubovyk also has noted that they are ready to accept all other monuments in Sevastopil, which “oranges” try to dismount on the territory of West Ukraine. He hopes that other People’s deputies of Sevastopil city council will support progressive socialists.


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