The leader of “Lytvyn bloc” Volodymyr Lytvyn initiates to recount results of elections 2006, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Today we have many talks that elections on September 30 will be falsified. Almost everybody speaks about it but nobody speaks how to prevent falsifications. I am convinced that it is necessary to recount results of elections 2006,” Lytvyn said that during his visit to Kremenchug in Poltava region.

According to Lytvyn, it will allow the newly formed district and divisional election committees to train in votes calculations; it will be also somehow training for observers who are going to observe votes calculation during elections on September 30. Moreover, according to Lytvyn, it will be a warning for falsificators.

“We have enough time before elections, so in such a way we can arise a question on falsifications during elections 2006. The bulletins must be preserved for 4 years, so we can see in what favor votes were reckoned,” he said.


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