The fact that Ukraine’s PM has nontraditional treatment of Siberia people is his own business but to govern the country under influence of shamans is the problem of the whole country. The Our Ukraine-People’s Self–Defense” bloc leader Yury Lutsenko said that today at a press conference.

“His spontaneous statements cause only smile of those who know how these statements are prepared by specialists for Yanukovych and how Yanukovych reads these statements from paper every time at opening of each Cabinet session. Some weeks ago Yanukovych made fun of idea of cancellation of people’s deputy immunity. He considers this idea as absolutely populist one. Today after nontraditional treatment in Siberia, Yanukovych is interested in this idea, having understood that the majority of Ukrainians support cancellation of immunity,” Lutsenko said.

“It proves again that PR is a party of irresponsible “promisers”. Being in power for 378 days Yanukovych was against of immunity cancellation, but now for 47 days before elections Yanukovych decided to buy people in order to obtain power. It is nonsense political trick,” Lutsenko said.


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