CEC member Mykhaylo Okhendovskiy greets the decision of the District administrative court of Kyiv according to which the commission must reconsider the election list of People’s deputies’ candidates from BYuT.

“I’m greeting this decision, as it gives the basis to register People’s deputies’ candidates from BYuT,” he emphasized.

Besides, he is glad that a subject of election process (BYuT bloc) has apprehended the statement of the Central Election Committee about the pressure and has started to solve problems with the help of legal methods.

Okhendovskiy has promised that he will propose the CEC to register People’s deputies’ candidates from BYuT.

He has stated this view earlier, but the only one problem was the absence of full data in the list of this political force.

He has assured the CEC will fulfill the court decision.

Okhendovskiy is a member of the CEC and represents the Party of Regions.


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