In case a referendum concerning people’s trust to the President is carried out soon, 52.3% of Ukrainians will express distrust to the President, according to sociological survey carried out by “Sophia” social research center from July 27 to August 7.

Only 31% of the surveyed people are ready to express trust to the President at the referendum. 8.1% of surveyed people could not answer and 8.6% - would not participate in referendum.

Concerning the perception peculiarities of the political crisis, which happened in spring 2007, there is no unique perception of the political crisis. 39.8% of surveyed people consider that during the political crisis representatives of the Government and the parliamentary coalition followed the law in their actions and demands. 34.1% consider that the President and representatives of the opposition followed the law. 26.1% hesitated to answer, UNIAN reports.

48.9% of surveyed people think that during the political crisis President's decrees Yushchenko  repeatedly broke regulations of the Constitution of Ukraine. 30.6% stick to another point of view. 20.5% did not decide.

In total 2017 persons participated in the survey. Statistical error does not exceed 2.2%.


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