Today the "Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense" leader Yury Lutsenko has given a press conference in Kyiv. He stated that regardless of Yanukovych’s promises, people have not felt life’s improvement yet today, the OU-PSF press service reports.

“Despite favorite subject of Yanukovych that the Government of “professionals” knows how to raise the GDP, the real rate of GDP growth is getting down. This tendency was observed during the whole period of activity of this Government. The State Committee of Statistics confirms the tendency in July of the current year,” Lutsenko said.

“People understand well that Yanukovych’s Government that stands for preservation of People’s deputy immunity and benefits fixes a deputy pension that comprises 90% of a deputy salary. Government suggests people only to make ends meet. Ukrainians’ pension is twice less than an average salary in Ukraine. Every fourth person lives today under poverty line,” he said.


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