President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko considers that problem on BYuT candidates registration is caused by minor reasons. He said that on Monday in Foros, Crimea after the meeting with Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, commenting on situation around BYuT registration.

According to the President, reasons of registration problems are caused by minor issues, and there are no reasons not to register BYuT candidates for elections. Yushchenko noted that there was similar case during parliamentary elections last year.

President noted that CEC should register BYuT candidates. He had already addressed to the CEC with corresponding request.

Besides, the President addressed the political forces who appeal through CEC not to register party lists. Yushchenko noted that CEC is not a place for clarification of political relations. He also advised political forces not to waste time for clarification of relations in such a way,

Yushchenko also reminded that on Tuesday the session of the court would take place that must put an end to it..

According to President, political forces must agree, act tolerant and not to create reasons which cast doubt on democracy of election campaign and elections in particular.


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