On Saturday several hundreds of BYuT supporters gathered near CEC building in order to protest against CEC refusal to register BYuT candidates to the People’s deputies.

CEC had not registered BYuT candidates within three days after submission of documents. The reason of refusal is that documents in column “place of residence” have only the city but not the full address of the residence of the candidates. BYuT representatives explain that place of residence means the city but not the whole address. Besides another documents submitted to the CEC have their address. According to BYuT leaders, during previous elections they submitted the same documents and CEC had registered them, but now CEC refused to do so, because PR is afraid of our victory and tries to impede it. It is a provocation.

Today is the third day BYuT supporters have been picketing CEC building with demand to register BYuT candidates. The BYuT supporters are primarily from Kyiv and Kyiv region. There are about twenty tents set on the place of picket.  Supporters stated that they will protest until CEC register the candidates.

At the same time eight members of CEC from coalition consider that protest action is illegal.


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