One of the BYuT leaders Olexander Turchynov is convinced that CEC will register BYuT candidates to the People’s deputies. He said today at a briefing in Kyiv. “We will force them to register us,” he noted.

At that he noted that for this all necessary legal mechanisms will be used. But in case CEC refuses to register BYuT after such methods, BYuT will resort to massive protest actions.

Turchynov reminded that CEC keeps blocking BYuT registration as a subject of election process since yesterday. “But there are no legal bases for it,” he said.

According to Turchynov, Party of Regions, CPU and SPU will stop at nothing to keep the power. “But they ill not manage to do so,” he said.

According to Turchynov, election lists are identical to those which were submitted to CEC during elections 2006.


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