People’s deputies’ candidate from the Party of Regions, Minister of Extraordinary situations Nestor Shufrych recommends President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to curtail benefits and bonuses to Secretariats employees. He said, commenting on President’s statement about People’s deputies’ immunity and benefits cancellation.

“I would like to advise Yushchenko, first of all, to look at his immunity and at his benefits as the Head of the State. Let it be – the country could stand one President. But salaries, benefits, and bonuses, autopark, planes, which President’s Secretariat operates, arouse questions,” Shufrych claimed.

According to him, “it deals with money provision of Secretariat’s employees, country cottages ensuring, possibility to use charter flights, and theirs salaries, which are, in many cases, not less than the People’s deputies one together with the benefits”.

All these “arouse not less questions than the provision of the Verkhovna Rada employee,” he emphasized.


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