In scope of election campaign Volodymyr Lytvyn the leader of Lytvyn Bloc makes tours in different regions of Ukraine. In one of the villages in Kyiv region, having communicated with people, Lytvyn addressed the President and the PM. His address concerns land situations in villages. Lytvyn considers that finance-industrial groups and oligarchs started process of Ukraine’s land deprivation for their benefit with the help of Government-parliamentary political parties.

According to Lytvyn, usurpation of farming lands and lands of state reserve has mass character. The matter also concerns people’s land. People are being deprived of land which they have right to use. Local officials use different methods, in particular courts, threats, pressure, blackmail, fraud and cancellation of documents.

“It may lead to the moment that people will have no land,” he said.

Lytvyn asks the current power to take appropriate measures on this issue.


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