My fellow citizens,

I appreciate wide public support for my demand to repeal legislative immunity. One million signatures will soon be collectedto support this call. I welcome the efforts and pledges by the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense bloc to implement our initiative.

This will be a true crackdown on political corruption in the highest echelons of government. This is a real means to cleanse the Verkhovna Rada of dealers and moneychangers. Ukraine needs a parliament of professionals who will make fair laws. Now those who hide from laws are also vying for seats in it.

The nation must toughen its stance on the issue.I am resolutely calling on all patriotic democratic forces, political parties and NGOs to support our initiative.

Although important, the repeal of legislative immunity is only the first step. Today I want to draw your attention to another problem which makes Ukrainian legislators higher than the people and their needs. I am speaking about their large-scale privileges, whose extentis impossible to imaginein any European country.

The state must create good conditions for the work of its members of parliament but not for their pleasure. Each year, the tax payers spend almost UAH 500 mln on the privileges such as apartments, cars, sanatoriums, medical and social bonuses. This money could be used to pay off Ukraine’s salary debt or build 250 new schools or five new coalmines, or raise pensions by 20%. The comparison of these sums is shocking.

I am speaking about this because I demand that politicians treat the interests of the people fairly.The government must work to protect the interests of the people, not politicians. We have one law for everyone. The relapses of the Communist regime must be left in the past.

My simple priority is to repeal legislative immunity and some of the privileges. I believe the people will support my demands. Together we will make sure changes for which the nationis waiting will occur. You are waiting for them. I am waiting for them. Step by step, we will make our hopes come true.

Thank you for your attention.


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