The VRU chairman of V convocation Olexander Moroz is convinced that Ukraine must keep to be the nonaligned state. Moroz said that on Wednesday at a press conference in Simferopol.

Moroz considers that further it is not necessary to develop NATO to East, but it is necessary to build the system of security and cooperation in Europe in a different way. People of each country would be calm, because there will be no infringements to their state from other counties.

“I consider that Ukraine must remain the nonaligned state, then attitude to Ukraine will be corresponding. Ukraine has right for it as a country who first refused nuclear weapon,” Moroz noted.

According to him, Ukraine’s accession to different blocs, like NATO, is no prospects issue.

The SPU leader also stated that the presence of Socialists in the Parliament of the country – is the guarantee that Ukraine will not be involved into NATO.


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