On September 30 the Yanukovych’s Government must resign. The People’s Self-defense leader Yury Lutsenko stated today at a bloc congress.

“Not only Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky, Emergency Minister Nestor Shufrych and Health Minister Yury Haydayev must resign but the whole Government of Yanukovych as irresponsible government,” Lutsenko stressed.

Lutsenko considers that current Cabinet is formed on the basis of betrayal. Yanukovych would never obtain PM position for the second time, unless socialists betrayal.

Lutsenko calls Cabinet government of lie, as for time of its work there was no improvement of people’s life. That’s why Lutsenko is convinced that Cabinet must resign. The brightest example of irresponsibility of Yanukovych’s Government Lutsenko considers ‘phosphorus accident” in Lviv region.


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