President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, making speech at “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc congress, addressed the Ukrainian voters.

He is convinced that people will make their free choice on September 30. Yushchenko guarantees that the election campaign will be held in a fair, democratic and transparent manner.

“As President, I will make sure the rights and freedoms of the people are observed and will allow no pressure on the voters or media. As head of state, I am calling on all of you to come to the polls and make a conscious choice. Ukraine ’s future truly depends on your choice. Do not be indifferent. Be responsible!

My brothers, my fellow citizens, I believe the wisdom of the people will prevail.I know that the Ukrainian people will win. Today I amhonored to be greeting a new, young and promising team of those who will stimulate changes in the life of Ukraine . I have been and will always be with you. I firmly believe in our success. We will win. Glory to you and glory to Ukraine! President emphasized.


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