Coalition of national unity destroyed Ukrainian parliament because of illegality. President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said that in scope of “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc congress, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

‘Having all opportunities to work, the former coalition instead of to work began struggle for power by means of breaking the essential law. Having got the majority, they resorted to revolt - anti constitutional collection of 300 signatures of People’s deputies. The aim of coalition was to govern without limitation, to have usurp power. The very coalition destroyed the parliament. The parliament is destroyed by the illegality of the coalition and mass political corruption,” President stated.

Obligation of democratic forces is to inform people what changes we intend to realize. We will make order in Ukraine,” he said.

President reminded that he demands to cancel People’s deputy immunity. “It is a real way to lustrate the power,” he added.


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