The harvested crop will meet internal market's requirements of fodder grain, Deputy Agrarian Policy Minister Yuriy Luzan told an August 6 news briefing, Government’s press office reports.

According to him, Ukrainian farmers have harvested 21,101,000 tons of grain, 13,607,000 tons of which are winter wheat, 5,819,000 tons are barley, 483,000 tons are winter rye and 970,000 tons are rape.

As of August 2, farmers have harvested crop from 95% of the territory.

According to predictions of the Agrarian Policy Ministry, gross production of grain in 2007 will amount to 6 to 7 M. tons, Yuriy Luzan said.

According to predictions of Vice Prime Minister Viktor Slauta, 2007 grain crop will total 27 to 29 M. tons.

May and June saw a sever drought in Ukraine, engulfing and damaging one third of agricultural lands of Ukraine (10 M. hectares).


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