According to medical specialists, there are no people in Lviv region with “phosphorus poisoning” diagnose as the result railway accident. Minister of Emergency situations Nestor Shufrych informed at the press conference in Kyiv on Monday.

He said that some people had been diagnosed with “poisoning by products of unknown substance”.

At the same time, Shufrych noted that some people had been diagnoses beforehand with “phosphorus poisoning”, but after important analyses the phosphorus wasn’t revealed in the blood of injured persons.

According to Shufrych, even injured persons from the ordinary fire may have such symptoms.

As earlier reported, on Monday at 16.55 p.m 15 tanks with yellow phosphorus of freight train were derailed in Lviv region. Tanks were transported from Kazakhstan to Poland. The situation now has been stabilized. According to environment monitoring (air, water, soil, flora), departure from norm is not detected.


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