The President’s Secretariat claims that Mykola Rudkovsky must answer for the results of his activity as the Transport Minister. It is said in the statement of the President’s Secretariat.

“Destabilization of railway transport work has taken systematic and threatening character. The quantity of anthropogenic accidents has been increased. This is a result of bad management and carelessness of the acting Transport Ministry,” the statement says.

Improper actions of Transport Ministry leads to significant material losses for state budget and loss for Ukraine of a position as a leading transit state of Europe.

Secretariat is convinced that it is not right when after several railway accidents, in Lviv region in particular, there were no investigations held concerning Transport Minister actions.

Position of the President’s Secretariat remains stable: Rudkovsky must be responsible for results of his actions in office of the Transport Minister. The first step to it must be his resignation because of lack of professionalism; the next step must be adequate estimation of his actions by the PGO of Ukraine.


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