People’s deputy of the fifth convocation from the SPU Olexander Baranivsky has no doubts that the fourth Decree of the President on the parliament resignation is illegal, as three previous. He has told ForUm’s correspondent in an exclusive interview.

Speaking about the possibility of holding the elections on September 30, the People’s deputy has noted: “I see that all make certain steps to be on the safe side. It is hard to forecast. But I’m inclined to think that they will take place”.

He will sign the production in the Constitutional court, concerning the constitutionality of the fourth Decree of the President. “It is hard to say, whether the Party of Regions supports us. It has taken dual position now. Difficult processes are being taken place in this party. It’s a pity, but “exactly Party of Regions has turned out to be a weak link” in the coalition,” Baranivsky has emphasized.


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