VRU chairman Olexander Moroz considers that the CCU must say its “weighty utterance” concerning new President’s decree on appointment of early parliamentary elections. He told the journalists today, commenting President’s decree on changes introductions to decree from June 5 “On early parliamentary elections.”

According to Moroz, this decree shows again an attempt to keep up appearance of constitutionality of the political ambitions by President’s decrees and to hold early election by all means; in such way to remove political opponents from power in the parliament and the Government.

Moroz considers that Yushchenko, having changed text of the decree from June 5, strives to avoid official estimation of this decree by the CCU and responsibility for this decree and actions directed at power usurpation.

“Fourth decree on early parliamentary elections does not make actions of the President constitutional, as well as does not make early elections on September 30 legal,” Moroz emphasized.


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