One of the BYuT leaders Mykola Tomenko is astonished by President’s Secretariat estimation of the “economic successes” of Yanukovych’s Government for first half a year. According to Tomenko, “it is well-known that none of the civilized countries analyzes social-economic policy by DGP rate or by financial market of the country. In particular, he explained it that beginning with human development rate used by UNO or rating methodology on countries competition used by ІMD-Lausanne, attention is paid first of all to all rates of life quality, i.e. real salary, demographic situation, education rates.”

“It is well known that Yanukovych’s Government in fact refused from significant social programs and only under pressure of opposition and election campaign Government agreed to raise salaries, pensions and other social benefits,” Tomenko noted.

According to Tomenko, as to social and humanitarian sphere, State statistics shows that debts of salary increased by 11.3% and by 19.4% in villages.

Very important rate of inefficiency of Yanukovych’s Government is rate of corruption in the country in general, and in economy in particular.

Tomenko hopes that citizens will estimate sufficiently social-economic activity of the Yanukovych’s Government and will not consider “big successes” by GDP rates as the President’s Secretariat did.


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