BYuT in the new parliament will form coalition with Our Ukraine, even if it gets 226 mandates. According to BYuT press-service, Yulia Tymoshenko declared about it on Inter TV channel.

According to Tymoshenko, her bloc considers three options of the new elected parliament. First option, she marked, when BYuT is independent with enough votes for making appointments and implement strategy for the development of the country.

However,she added, that "in this case we despite everything will create coalition with Our Ukraine."

Second option, according to BYuT leader, when jointly Our Ukraine and BYUT get most places in VR and quickly form coalition. Tymoshenko expressed confidence that such coalition would work effectively and with high quality.

The third option is when democratic forces fail during the early elections: "If democratic forces fail to get the majority, our political force will stand in opposition". She marked that “there would be no coalition of our political force with Party of regions in the new parliament, that is why I can not consider possible such development of the state where coalitions are created with maffia".

"Maffia should be withdrawn from the politics, instead of creating coalitions with it”, - marked Tymoshenko.

In addition she declared that for adopting the new release of Constitution the approval of Verkhovna Rada is not required.


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