The SPU leader Olexander Moroz considers that President’s team prepares mass falsifications during early parliamentary elections. Moroz said that in an interview to “24” newspaper today, the ForUm's correspondnet informs.

“I do not think that SPU will suffer a defeat in case of early parliamentary elections. There are no doubts that President’s team prepares for mass falsification,” he stressed.

According to him, the head of the State tries to obtain the whole power in the country “Illegal replacements of judges, pressure on the courts, appointments of local authorities demonstrate intentions of the President to capture all the power in the country. All these are done by the President, whose power is restricted due to Constitutional reform. Giving preferences to that team who deals with falsifications and administrative resource, Yushchenko demonstrates his real attitude to people, law and other subjects of elections,” Moroz said.

“They do not prepare for elections but for results falsifications,” Moroz stressed.


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