Despite election campaign officially has not started yet, leaders of blocs and parties hold visits to different regions in order to explain their positions and political aspirations.

“President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko does not doubt in victory of democratic forces during early parliamentary elections and in formation of democratic coalition in parliament of VI convocation. Neither Yushchenko, nor we doubt in Ukrainian majority and Ukrainian parliament,” Yury Lutsenko said today in scope of his press conference in Rivne region.

Answering the journalists’ question about further ambitions as a leader, Lutsenko noted: “President offered me to be a head of mega bloc and I gave positive answer. I have leadership ambitions and I am ready to work for victory.”

Lutsenko also noted that Vyacheslav Kyrylenko is likely to be a head of “Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” faction in the parliament.


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